Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Microdermabrasion & High Tech Facials in Lakeland FL

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Oxygen Infusion System Facial Therapy

Benefits every skin type, condition and color.
A portable aesthetic machine with oxygen motor and pump to deliver 21% oxygen on the skin. The skin is cleansed, followed by soothing toner. Skin is exfoliated and removed with warm towel then sprayed with soothing toner. Oxygen infusion phase 1 gel applied with brush to neck and face and massaged 1-2 minutes. The airbrush gun cup filled with phase 2 + activator is sprayed on to the skin and massaged at the same time then removed with warm towel. Led light therapy optional. Peptide serum,moisture booster and hyaluronic acid is massaged. Micro current can be performed to lift, firm and tighten skin and encourage muscle stimulation. Algae mask is applied to replenish and restore skin then mask is removed. Peptide serum,moisture booster,hyaluronic acid , and ultra performing complex+ A, C, E is applied and finished with sunscreen.

Recommended treatment 2x a week for 3 weeks to meet skin goals
( pigmentation, sensitivity, oily/troubled skin, or mature/aging skin. )
Maintenance every 2 weeks to sustain skin goals.
Can be used with other facial treatments.
Great for special occasions to give skin vibrancy and freshness.

$150 (30min ) series of 3 treatments 2x per week
($65.00 once per/ month) (add on service available)

OXYGEN RX treatment
featuring CIRCADIA by Dr. Pugliese

For Roscea and acne skin type
45mins – 1 hr $75.00

Consultation maintenance inquire with specialist

Micro Needling:

Non-surgical instant facelift and neck lift

Serums and peptides are infused and absorbed 400% non-invasive, effective delivery of products that helps improve elasticity and texture of the skin helpful in collagen formation.
One treatment shows good result.
Can be used for fine lines and wrinkles, anti-aging, pigmentation.
Face is cleansed with Hippophae cleansing milk, followed by exfoliation and removed with warm water. Toner is applied. Skin disinfectant is applied to the skin prior to treatment Appropriate serums is infused through the use of microneedles or nannoneedles a sterile device with fine needles. A very light touch to the skin is introduced without puncturing the skin creating channels but no microscopic puncture is involved. The rejuvenating serums and peptides are delivered through the created channels including surrounding eye area that gives an instant eye lift. Relieving complex applied to entire treated area. DNA repairing face treatment complex is applied to face and neck. Redness may be present and normal to treated area. Redness clears within 12-24 hr. Do not wear make-up after treatment. When redness clears then you may apply make-up. For best results 3 treatment sessions recommended. (45 minutes)

Recommended 3 treatments 2x per week.
$65.00 – (45-60 min) single session
$150.00 3 sessions (add on service available)